Best Halloween Costumes That Will Be Hard to Top

These top Halloween costume ideas for 2022 will make everyone shriek with delight

Gorilla Halloween costume

Go bananas this Halloween by dressing up as a gorilla. The best part of this costume? You can choose from three colors: black, green or pink.

Plague doctor Halloween costume

Considering the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Halloween costumes don’t get more appropriate than a plague doctor.

Best of all, the beaked mask will help you avoid germs at a crowded party.

Mario Kart Halloween costume

Sure, you can go solo as a Mario Kart character, but this idea really shines as a group Halloween costume.

So grab a colorful tee, then DIY a car with your character’s name or symbol.

Green Army men Halloween costume

Some green clothes and a little face paint will have you ready to report for duty in no time.

Care Bears Halloween costume

Calling all ’80s babies! You’ll love these nostalgic costumes, which are both adorable and super comfortable.

If you’re wearing this one to impress the little ones, arm yourself with these Halloween jokes for kids.

Marvel women Halloween costume

Join forces with all your besties, wearing epic costumes for women—from Captain Marvel to Black Widow and more.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Halloween costume

Witches and Halloween go hand in hand

and next to the trio from Hocus Pocus, this Sabrina Spellman costume is a frightfully good choice.

Ladies of Bridgerton Halloween costume

Put on an empire-waist dress and channel your favorite Bridgerton gal.

Lady Whistledown will surely have much to say about these glam Halloween costumes!

Scream Halloween costume

We love these easy costumes from everyone’s favorite scary movie from the ’90s!

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