Awesome Cars No One Bought in 2021

Some of our favorite wagons and coupes couldn't find their stride last year.

Acura NSX

Cars Sold: 124
Acura's supercar is an auto journalist favorite, but the hybrid has never been quite what the six-figure sports car buyer has been looking for.

Acura is dropping the NSX after a final Type S version in 2022 and replacing it with a revived Integra.

However, we may see the NSX return someday.

Starting MSRP: $169,500

Ford GT

Cars Sold: 143
The Ford GT is an impressive automotive achievement. But the niche mid-engine supercar is not a volume seller.

Photo: Eric Perry Photography

Starting Price: ~$500,000

Nissan GT-R

Cars sold: 227
Godzilla was a revelation when it came out, but after 14 years, it's well past time for that upgrade that may be coming soon.

Starting Price: $113,540

Volvo V60

Cars Sold: 456
The Volvo V60 may have been the best wagon on the market. The trouble is Americans don't want wagons anymore — even at Volvo dealerships.

Photo: Volvo

Starting Price: $40,950

Volvo S90

Cars Sold: 608
An excellent full-size sedan and the trouble is, you can get just about everything you like in the S90 with a more practical XC90 for about the same price.

But large sedans are going the way of wagons.

Starting Price: $51,850

Audi R8

Cars Sold: 649
The Audi R8 is on its way out as Audi prepares to go electric. And if the R8 does have a successor, it will look nothing like what came before.

Photo: Audi

But Audi could at least be sending it off with a wild R8 GT model.

Starting Price: $148,700

Volvo V90 Cross Country

Cars Sold: 709
Volvo killed off the standard V90 wagon. The lifted and cladded Volvo V90 Cross Country variant is one of our favorite all-around vehicles on the market, and will stick around for a bit. Hopefully more people will buy it.

Photo: Volvo

Starting Price: $56,200

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