10 tips to avoid work from home burnout

There are many psychological effects of working from home. Some people are facing many challenges when working remotely. Here are 19 tips to help you relax, destress, increase your productivity and reduce work


70% of the people engaging in work from home feel burned out.

But, many options can be used to help manage stress and prevent work from home burnout. These will also help boost your work productivity.

1. Maintain a routine

Maintaining a routine helps keeps the burnout at bay

It is crucial that you have a specific routine and stick to it. Having a pattern will not only help you manage your time; it will also help you chalk out some time for your family as well.

2. Have a beginning of the day ritual

All the activities that are involved in getting you ready for the day.

This beginning of the day ritual may include going for a walk before you start your work, engaging in some light exercises or stretches, enjoying a few pages of your favorite book with tea or coffee, et cetera.

3. Set alarm

Maintain the same timings as you would if working from office

When you have to go to an office, you set your morning alarm. The same routine should be followed even in work-from-home schedules. Wake up at the same time that you would if you had to go to your office.

4. Have a specified lunchtime

Make sure that you have your lunch at the same time every day.

This will not only give you a much-needed break, but it will also help your body’s clock adjust and stay at par with your office schedule.

5. Move around

Stretching those muscles is crucial

Have a quick stroll around your entire house, walk around the block, or you can do stretches to free up those muscles that are getting cramped.

6. Set timers

Use timer apps on phone or laptop to keep track of your work

Set the timer for 90 minutes. Work sincerely during those 90 minutes. Once the 90 minutes are over, get up and go for a walk. Spend 10 minutes away from your laptop and your phone. This will keep your mind fresh and enhance your productivity as well.

7. Get some fresh air

Breaks are essential

Once you have completed a few sessions, it is time to take a long break. During your long intervals, make sure that you get some fresh air. Step out of your house, walk around the block.

8. Prioritize

Work on those tasks first that have a closer deadline.

Try to finish the job one day before you have to submit it. This is not only a good work ethic; it will also keep you from falling victim to work from home burnout.

9. Have a specified workplace

Do not work from bed.

Have a dedicated space for work. This can be another room or even a corner of your whole house. However, this corner should only have items that are related to your work and nothing else.

10. Eliminate distractions

Switch off your phone and unnecessary apps that may distract you.

Only calls, emails, or any other notification from the office should be allowed. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or have kids in the house, you may consider using noise-canceling headphones to keep your work distraction-free.

Try your best

Some days will be good, some will be bad.

Do not punish yourself if you do not function at full capacity on some days. It is to be expected. Focus on doing the best you can. That is enough.

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