Are you suffering from PTSD?

Check out the signs to know if you are suffering from PTSD

What is PTSD?

PTSD is post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD occurs when you suffer through a traumatic event in the past, and the traumatic event keeps resurfacing when certain triggers are presented.

Signs of PTSD

Here are 10 signs that you are suffering from PTSD.

Keep swiping to know the 10 signs that you are suffering from PTSD.

1. Reliving the event

The person experiences the traumatic event repeatedly as if it is recurring on a loop.

The person may experience scenes, memories, feelings or bodily sensations as if it is occurring repeatedly on a loop.

2. Distressing memories

The person may feel that they are still stuck in the nightmare of the traumatic event.

The traumatic memories may occur as recurring flashbacks when the person is awake. They may feel as if they have been taken back to the traumatic event again.

3. Nightmares

The person may experience repeated nightmares about the event.

The traumatic events start to reoccur as nightmares. The person may see the same event or modified versions of the traumatic incidence.

4. Physical reactions

Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, breathlessness etc.

The most common physical symptoms of PTSD are:

  • Anxiety attacks
  • Breathlessness
  • High pitched ringing
  • Panic attacks
  • sensitivity to high level of noise

5. High emotional distress

High emotional reaction to anything that reminds the person of the traumatic event.

Others may not be able to establish the connection but the PTSD sufferer will feel emotionally distraught at anything that reminds them of the trauma.

6. Isolating oneself

The affected persons feel that no one understands their side of the story.

They prefer to stay at home, avoid social interactions and finally, isolate themselves from their loved ones.

7. Feelings of hopelessness

The person feels that the future will never get better.

The affected person starts to loose hope in future. They feel that things will never get better. Their life is meaningless and worthless.

8. Negative thoughts

Stems from the feeling of hopelessness.

Constantly being surrounded by negative thoughts not only makes people feel hopeless, but also pushes people to think about ending their life.

9. Blurry memories

The person finds it hard to properly remember the events of the past.

The defense mechanism of the brain tends to block the events of the traumatic event. Thus, the person cannot remember the traumatic event clearly. They can only remember them in flashes or scenes.

10. Emotional numbness

Difficulty feeling happy, content, or any kind of positive emotion.

The person starts to feel lifeless from within. they do not fell anger, sadness, happiness or any other form of emotion.

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