Are you ready to get a Labrador?

Labrador retrievers are one of the most adorable dogs on the planet. But are you ready to welcome a lab into your life? Let's find out

Research before adopting

Research before you get any dog, whether from a shelter or from a breeder.

Many people get a dog because the breed is famous or they love certain characteristics of the breed. However, a few months after adoption, they realize how much work they have to put in their dog. Sometimes, it is not possible for guardians to devote the time that their dog needs. Under such conditions, the dogs land up and shelter.

Labrador retrievers

Their engaging personality and sweet faces are known to all.

Labradors are available in three different colors. These colors are chocolate, yellow and black. Labradors have a double coated fur layer. This double coat helps them repel water since these dogs were originally bred for the purpose of hunting games.

Are you ready to get a Labrador retriever?

Find out if you are ready to add a Labrador to your life.

Labrador retrievers make excellent companions, best friends and babysitters. This is why they are the perfect family dog. Labradors are extremely patient and most often do not display signs of aggressive behavior.

1. What about in 10 to 12 years?

This question must be reflected upon even if you are not getting a labrador. Any dog that you get is a long term commitment.

Think of your future. Look into how your life will change when you bring a dog in. Is there a chance that you will have to move to a different location? Are pets allowed in the place where you live? If you live on rent, find out from your landlord if they are OK with pets.

2. Can you keep up with the energy of Labrador retrievers?

Labradors were bred as work dogs. They love to work.

If they are not provided with enough physical and mental stimulation, they will act out. Labrador’s original purpose was to retrieve the games that were hunted. Therefore, you must ensure that your lab is getting enough exercise regularly.

3. Does the temperament of the Labrador retrievers match your lifestyle?

If you prefer to spend quiet evenings, a Labrador retriever may not be the correct breed for you.

Labradors are hyperactive and very excitable. They are also extremely friendly. This is why they are well suited in a family environment. However, if you prefer to have a quiet lifestyle, and don’t go out much, do not engage with physical exercise etc., Labrador may not be the right one for you.

4. Ready to spend time on training?

If you are a first time dog owner with no idea of dog training, a Labrador retriever may not be the perfect dog for you.

Training your Labrador should begin the moment the dog enters your home. The sooner you start the training, the better it is for both you and your dog. Make sure that you tackle certain habits like jumping on people, stealing food, excessive chewing etc. right from the start.

5. Not great guard dogs

Labradors do not make great guard dogs.

If you're thinking to get a Labrador retriever as a guard dog, think again. Labradors are excessively friendly. This is why they do not make great guard dogs.

6. Regular grooming needed

This is because of their double fur coat

Labrador retrievers have been endowed with a double fur coat. This helps repel water, keep them cool in summer and warm in winters. However, Labradors shed excessively. Therefore, you must be ready to brush your Labrador every alternate day. Looking for solutions to access sharing? Click on the link below

7. Provide daily play time

Labradors are extremely active, engaging and intelligent. Thus, playtime is non negotiable

If you do not have at least two hours to spend with your Labrador every day, you should consider other dog breeds. Labradors are working dogs. They need their exercise.

8. So, Are you ready?

If you have provided affirmative answers to all the previous questions, you are ready

Labradors will make a wonderful addition to your family. They are extremely goofy and excellent babysitters. They are easy to train and wonderful with other feline and canine companions.

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