Amazon seller acquisition companies in Europe

Acquiring successful Amazon sellers and then scaling them up. In Europe.

How does the business model work?

It's rather simple and straightforward

Most of these companies operate through buyouts. They buy the Amazon account and the intellectual property from a seller that has been proven to be successful on Amazon’s marketplaces.

Then the acquisition company takes on the acquired Amazon brand and make it it's own by appending some changes. It puts each product through a compliance check, so it won’t get in trouble later.

Most of the time, the products will be sold for lower prices than before. That’s possible because these acquisition companies have the resources to buy in bulk and make better contracts with manufacturers.

How to get acquired

You might get interest from the Amazon seller acquisition companies when you generate between 1 and 5 million euros in annual revenue.

When you get interest, and you get acquired, most deals are for 3 to 4.5 times the annual profits.

Amazing Brands Group


Amazing Brands is a company from Cologne, Germany. It has multiple years of funding experience in tech and eCommerce. It’s possible to join the ‘Amazing Brands family’ even if you don’t want to sell your online shop yet.

Amazing Brands strives for deals with incremental earn-out participation (a kind of additional bonus) up to 24 months. This means you get a one-time payment (exit) and earn-out participation on the EBITDA or revenue of your store.

Berlin Brands Group


Berlin Brands Group from – you’ve guessed it – Berlin calls itself a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer model. It was founded in 2005 and currently has 14 brands in its portfolio.

The company has access to 1.5 billion active eCommerce shoppers through several sales channels in more than 20 countries across Europe and in the US and China.



Branded is an acquirer from France. It claims to be a top 0.01% FBA seller. Its portfolio consists of over 25 brands, which generate more than 150 million euros gross revenue.

Branded will give a detailed valuation for your business within 48 hours. If you decide to sell, Branded will close a deal within 2 to 4 weeks.

Branded are one of Amazon’s leading FBA platforms, becoming a home to some of the most beloved brands online. Our community includes the brightest minds in the FBA seller community combined with successful global marketplace operators that have helped scale the world’s largest e-commerce platform generating tens of billions in revenue. At Branded, we have developed a proprietary approach to quickly provide you with actionable insights on where you stand today and the future potential of your business.

Through a combination of data and expert analysis, they will highlight the top 5 opportunities for growing your business.

Diverge Group

United Kingdom

Diverge Group is a team of entrepreneurs and investors with a passion for growing consumer brands. They believe that a collective of like-minded brands can benefit from shared learnings, shared services, and ultimately greater success.

We invest in UK - based consumer businesses with great product and strong brands. We bring leadership, deep knowledge and friendly capital to entrepreneurs looking to transition their business and preserve their legacy.

Diverge Group offer flexible solutions, a fair price and the opportunity for shop owner to benefit from the future success of their business.

Diverge Group ensure continuity for customers and employees by helping the business to grow and flourish.


The Netherlands

Dwarfs raised 7.5 million euros and with a total war chest of somewhere between 30 and 40 million euros, it wants to acquire about twenty companies in one year’s time. It mainly focuses on vendors that sell products on Dutch eCommerce platform, but it also looks at Amazon sellers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France.

We serve the entrepreneur. In other words: we are here for you. We value your hard work and we think you deserve to be rewarded for that.

They are on a mission to become Europe’s biggest consumer goods company. Their strategy? Satisfied customers, entrepreneurs and employees. A diamond smile on everybody’s face!



e-Brands help brands fly higher. They have a passion for the world’s well-being, our focus is on Brands that can make a positive impact and that people love.

eBrands is a company from Finland that entered the Amazon seller acquisition market in March 2021. eBrands says it’s the only Amazon FBA brand aggregator based in the Nordics. eBrands acquire brands in both Europe and the US. Businesses that are interested in being acquired by brands can get a decision within 3 days. eBrands says it’s especially interested in ethical and sustainable sourcing.

Excite Foundry

United Kingdom

Excite Foundry is a next-gen consumer products company using a data-driven tech-first approach to acquire, operate and scale consumer brands of the future.

The FBA acquirer is founded by entrepreneurs who have generated over 40 million euros in revenue on Amazon. The company is backed by institutional investors and can close deals quickly. Their average deal closing time is 21 days.



Factory14 partners with brands that are ready to move to the next level. They leverage their experience in acquiring and operating digital businesses to scale brands with amazing products in high-growth niches.

In May 2021, the company announced it raised over 160 million euros to acquire and scale successful vendors. It’s headquartered in Luxembourg, but also has offices in Madrid, London, Shanghai and Taipei.



Flummox is an online brand accelerator that acquires, scales, and exits promising online consumer businesses with proven customer traction and high growth potential.

Flummox focus on Amazon FBA and Shopify brands and invest the expertise and financial resources to grow them into sustainable direct to consumer brands within 24 months.

Fortia Group


Fortia Group was founded in March 2020 and is located in Dublin. The company acquires and grows European eCommerce brands.

Its focus is clearly not solely on Amazon brands but on brands selling on any marketplace in Europe, e.g. Allegro,, Otto and more, or brands selling direct-to-consumer.

Fortia’s goal is to acquire and scale 100 brands by the end of 2024.

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