All the 2022 trends you should know about

2022 will come a whole new year of design and style opportunities.

A glimpse into the latest wallpaper trends for 2022

Walls are no longer walls. Not as we’ve known them.

Photo: Osborne and Little

Wallpaper trends for 2022 are a wonderful expression of patten, color and some neutral hues. Design experts explain how to work them.

20 designer approved looks to update your kitchen in 2022

Kitchens trends for 2022 are more exciting than ever.

Photo: Superfront

Kitchen trends for 2022 are evolving - new textures, new materials and new moods. The experts explain how to acheive the very latest styles

The biggest bathroom trends for 2022

Tom Dixon knows how to create fashion forward spaces, and his guide for decorating bathrooms in 2022 makes a massive splash

Photo: VitrA

Thomas Heatherwick in a design collective known for its punk ethos, he has gone on to create some of the most recognisable pieces in modern interiors, and develop a global eponymous brand. From the Copper Ball pendant light to the S chair, his creations reimagine what homeware and furniture should look like.

And with his new collaboration over a bathroom design with VitrA, he once again evolves what we think of as the rules for interior design.

We asked him to explain the latest bathroom trends.

Pantone predicts these delightfully diverse shades will set trends in 2022

Photo: Future / Paul Raeside

These are the colors that will fuel crazes over the coming year – in conjunction with New York Fashion Week

The 6 key lighting trends for 2022

from gleaming metallics to space age shapes

Photo: GUBI

Experts decode the lighting trends for 2022, explaining the brightest ideas and most brilliant lightbulb moments

Lighting trends are the interior design world’s ace that it keeps hidden up its sleeve. Light a room up with a single - bare - standard bulb and it will look stark, with a distinct lack of atmosphere. But consider ‘layers’ of lighting and all the options that come with this, and you’re onto a winning room scheme.

Floor lamps, wall lights, table, and desk luminaires - these are just a few of the world of options available when mapping out a grande new lighting design scheme.

How do you even begin to choose? Well, by looking at the up-and-coming 2022 lighting trends, of course.

Sofa trends 2022

the key seating styles and shapes explained

Photo: Edra

Sofa trends are set to be big news, as 2022 becomes the year of lounging around in style

Sofa trends may sound like a niche topic, but there's more to this universal piece than you might imagine.

For when is a sofa not just a sofa? When it’s a design set to dominate in 2022.

The hottest seats on the sofa scene are not only sink-into-me soft, they’re also rather clever.

These pieces will prompt conversations, offer help with storage and styling, and take on illusionary hints of the architectural.

Bedroom trends 2022

the looks, the furniture, the shapes, the moods

Photo: Romo

Bedroom trends for 2022 will have you designing a space that is perfect for sleeping in, with colors and materials explained.

Bedrooms trends are here for 2022, and give us an opportunity to create sanctuary-style spaces at home.

It seems that, for next year, bedrooms are a cocoon to envelope yourself in for sleep at the end of a working day, or simply just a room to unwind and rest in with a good book, or a relaxing radio programme that’s safely tucked away from the rest of the household.

Behr's Color of the Year

interior experts react to the color predicted to set the tone for 2022

Photo: Behr

Armed with advice from top designers – bringing Breezeway into your home is a breeze

Color enthusiasts, we are amid the most exciting time of the year.

It's the season where those in the know predict which shades will set upcoming color trends and which hues will be big news in the year ahead.

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