9 Places where you can live for free using Worldpackers

1. Work in reception in a hostel in San Sebastian.

In exchange for 24 hours of work per week, you will get free accommodation, free laundry, events, and parties, and discounts on other fun activities and hostel stays in other areas of Spain.

2. Volunteer in India

In a well-organized and laid back hostel in Jaisalmer, India.

Whether you're a solo traveler or a couple, this hostel accepts volunteers to work 25 hours per week in reception or housekeeping.

You can also work as a tour guide or party promoter.

In exchange, you'll get to live in a private room and enjoy free breakfast, as well as discounts on tours and events.

3. Be a bartender in a party hostel in Lima.

You will work in the bar for 30 hours a week and enjoy 2 days off.

In exchange, you can live in PerĂº for free! Sleep in a staff dorm, have a free breakfast and lunch during your stay, and enjoy partying and socializing with other volunteers, staff, and travelers who pass through the hostel.

4. Help create videos and work on social media and photography

in Marrakech, Morocco

This home stay requires only 4 hours of work per day, where you help your Moroccan host out with photography, videography, and web development.

You can advance your skills and experience the real Moroccan lifestyle. You get a free stay in a private room and free breakfast in exchange for your work.

5. Live for free in the Yukon

and experience the North American wilderness!

This Canadian local lives off the grid and accepts volunteers to come help with daily chores and tasks in exchange for an epic adventure in northern Canada.

Help out for 12 hours per week, and in exchange enjoy free meals and all the fun sports and exploring in the wilderness.

6. Help a local learn English in Guatemala.

With 11 five star reviews from past travelers, this local woman in Guatemala accepts volunteers to come and stay with her, so she can practice English.

You can live in a beautiful area of Central America for free, explore the surrounds in your free time, and help teaching English.

7. Volunteer on a coconut farm in Sri Lanka

and learn about permaculture and farming

In exchange for 25 hours a week of farming and gardening work, you can enjoy a free stay in a shared dorm with free meals.

This is an amazing way to immerse yourself in the farming culture of Sri Lanka, live with locals, and reconnect with nature.

8. Stay for free in Belgium

This permaculture project in Herzele, Belgium is a social and fun place to volunteer

The locals run a sustainable farm with lots of food and animals, and they need volunteers to come and help maintain the area.

Work for 20 hours a week, and enjoy free meals and parties with the fellow volunteers and locals.

9. Live in a farm in Thailand

Learn about permaculture at this sustainable farm

Even if you're a beginner in terms of farming experience, these Thai locals are looking for all helping hands.

Tend to the garden, care for animals, fish for crabs, and complete lots of varied tasks so you can learn about the ecosystem and live off the land.

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