8 Coolest Concept Sports Cars We Never Got To Drive

8. Lamborghini Raptor Zagato

The Lamborghini Raptor was a special car designed by Zagato in 1996

and was set to be mass-produced as a filler car between the Diablo and Murciélago (then called the Canto).

The Raptor Zagato was based on the Diablo AWD platform and featured the same 5.7-liter naturally aspirated V12, producing nearly 500 hp.

7. Honda Sports EV Concept

The Honda Sports EV Concept was part of the Honda EV reveal during the 2017 International Motor Show in Germany, with the Sports EV Concept being shown a month later at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Honda Urban EV Concept eventually made it to mass production as the slightly less than retro-looking Honda e, however, the Sports EV Concept never saw the light of day.

6. BMW Nazca C2

The BMW Nazca C2 – also called the Italdesign Nazca C2 – was a concept car built between 1991 and 1993 as a spiritual successor to the original BMW M1.

It was designed as a mid-engine supercar that utilized extensive use of carbon fiber in almost every aspect of the car, leading to an amazingly low weight of only 2,200 lbs.

5. VW Nardo W12

The Nardo W12 was a reiteration of the existing VW W12 Syncro and W12 Roadster concept cars, both of which featured 5.6-liter W12 engines.

The Nardo was a continuation of this concept but fitted with an uprated 6.0-liter W12, producing 591 hp and 458 lb-ft of torque.

4. Chrysler Atlantic

The Chrysler Atlantic began life as a sketch on a napkin and took its inspiration from the legendary Bugatti Type-57 Atlantique of the 1930s

Hence the name. It was powered by a 4.0L straight-8 engine made by bolting two 4-cylinder Dodge Neon engines together, producing around 360 horsepower.

3. Audi Rosemeye

The Audi Rosemeyer was a concept car built by the VW Group, which was first shown off in 2000. It was designed to look like a modern take on the ‘Silver Arrows’ race cars from the 1930s.

It used a large-displacement 8.0-liter W16 engine which developed 700 hp.

Despite many potential buyers showing interest, the Rosemeyer was never put into production.

2. Mercedes-Benz C111

The Mercedes-Benz C111 was a series of concept cars and prototypes built by Mercedes in the 1960s and 1970s.

Most C111s featured a 2.4-liter quad-rotor Wankel engine, which produced 345 hp and 289 lb-ft of torque.

After not putting them in production, the C111 chassis and body were used as testbeds for Mercedes engines, including the OM617 turbodiesel straight-5, which broke 9 diesel and gasoline speed records.

1. Jaguar C-X75

Built by the British marque as a 75th anniversary present to itself, the first concept was powered by twin diesel turbine engines – like Jay Leno’s EcoJet Concept Car.

The C-X75 was just a concept at first, but it proved so popular that Jaguar was forced to create a production-ready version.

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