6 benefits of honey for dogs

Is honey for dogs a good option? Can it be given to all dogs? Keep on reading to find out.

What is honey?

The gifts from the bees

Honey is a golden liquid that is viscous in consistency. Industrious bees produce it. Honey is mainly made via the nectar from flowering plants and is saved in the beehive for consumption during scarcity periods.

Benefits of honey for dogs

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins

  • Vitamin C for keeping your dog's immune system healthy.
  • Vitamin B supports cell growth.
  • Vitamin C promotes good brain function and boosts energy.
  • Vitamin E prevents aging.

    and so much more

6 benefits of honey

Discuss with your vet before adding any new dietary supplement

Check out how honey can be beneficial to your dog in a wide variety of ways.

1. Helps with allergy problems

If your dog suffers from seasonal allergies, honey is the solution.

When honey is given in small quantities it causes desensitization towards pollen grains. This is helpful in combating seasonal allergies in dogs.

2. Helps with skin issues

The perfect topical lotion

Unpasteurized honey contains antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. this is what makes it the perfect topical agent for cuts, bruises, eczema, hotspots etc.

3. Kennel cough and throat infection

Raw honey can work wonders in sore throat or cough and cold

If your dog is suffering from kennel cough or any other kind of breathing problem, honey is your perfect aid.

4. Aids with digestion

Honey keeps the intestine in great shape

A small amount of honey added to either your dog's diet or separately fed to your dog can help with constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, etc., and keep the intestines of your dog healthy.

5. Instant energy

Honey provides energy for longer periods

Honey contains unsweetened sugar. Sugar provides instant energy. However, the breakdown of sugar in honey can provide slow energy to the dog over a longer time.

6. Helps reduce weight

If your dog is slightly overweight, honey for dogs may be the right option for you.

Honey also requires much less quantity of insulin and gets absorbed slowly through the bloodstream. This helps in slowing down the digestion of your dog and glucose conversion. If your dog tends to quickly put on weight, giving your dog a small quantity of honey regularly.

When should you not give honey?

Not all supplements are ideal for all dogs

  • If your dog is diabetic
  • Dogs who are overweight
  • Dogs who have hypersensitivity towards bees
  • Senior dogs and puppies

Which honey to give?

Not every honey is pure or beneficial

Go for pure, unfiltered and raw. If you have good quality honey that is unfiltered and raw, it will look dark in color and will crystallize if it is chilled.

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