5 Things Modern Cars Are Great At

and 5 Things Classic Cars Do Better

Modern Cars Are Great At: Power

Take an example of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine in the AMG A45. It might be a small engine, but with the help of turbochargers, it can produce around 360 hp. The evolution of turbo and superchargers has also helped boost the performance of most modern cars.

Classic Cars Are Better: Style

They attract more attention due to their incredible character. Most of these cars have a different look and feel than modern cars.

One reason why most people prefer classic cars is their style. These vehicles have better designs than most modern cars, making them collectible options for most people.

Classic cars are classic because they’re the foundation on which most pretty cars are based.

Modern Cars Are Great At: Tech

Modern vehicles feature unique infotainment systems that help keep passengers entertained and drivers engaged.

Classic Cars Are Better: Simplicity

Most of these cars are built by men, not machines. You also enjoy having complete control of the car since there are no aids to try out.

Modern Cars Are Great At: Refinement

Unlike most classic cars, modern cars are better in terms of insulation and ride quality. These cars feature the best soundproofing materials, thus helping eliminate wind noise.

Classic Cars Are Better: No Driver Aids

Most classic cars didn’t have such driver aids, making them fun to drive. Driving a vehicle without such features helps you become better since you can easily judge the ideal stopping distance.

Modern Cars Are Great At: Safety

When looking for a new car, most people pay keen attention to the available safety features. Nowadays, safety features have moved beyond the typical airbags and anti-lock brakes standards.

Classic Cars Are Better: Price

Some classic cars have depreciated, thanks to their age. Such cars are not only good project cars, but they allow the younger generation to try them out and see what they have to offer.

Modern Cars Are Great At: Innovation

Most modern cars feature a plethora of innovative features. Take an example of Audi’s digital matrix LED headlights.

Classic Cars Are Better: Emotion

When driving a classic car, you get the satisfaction of always doing all the work. Besides, you can cruise with the windows down at lower speeds and still look fantastic.

Driving a classic car is fun, especially when you’re moving fast. You get to enjoy getting everything out of the car and dealing with all its imperfections. Besides, most classics lack safety features, making them worthwhile to try out.

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