5 Key Leadership Principles for Driving Growth

Hollywood tech entrepreneurs are works of fiction, but real leaders can grow their companies with integrity.

1. People

People should have a sense of belonging to the team. They should be compensated fairly, provided well-being opportunities and offered training, education and resources to advance.

One of the most shocking themes of many of these docudramas is how the executives focus on their motives instead of prioritizing company culture.

If your people don't trust and care about each other or aren't committed to excellence, the game is over before it starts. Nearly 60% of employees believe management teams are responsible for putting engagement practices into motion.

2. Passion

Great communication, recognition and a common purpose help fuel passion regardless of location.

Seventy percent of respondents in one McKinsey study said their work defines their purpose, yet only 18% said they received as much purpose as they'd like from their jobs.

Companies must realize the power of inspiring their teams with strong missions and creating environments that cultivate purpose and collaboration.

Especially as employees join virtual teams, they need to fill the void of a physical work environment.

3. Persistence

Albert Einstein famously said, "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

In business and life, mistakes bring opportunities for growth and can be investments in the future.

Even successful companies must guard against the fear of failure by embracing the positives from losses and critically thinking about how to win the next time.

Many of these on-screen founders were trying to prove they were intelligent, but nothing beats hard work.

4. Perspective

Research shows that around half of leaders fail, often due to self-serving views.

Understanding other perspectives means setting aside one's ego within the negotiation process. Always look for unique viewpoints.

The next big idea is usually sitting right inside your company. Many consultants make a living by listening to your team and putting a different perspective on those ideas.

Try to be your own consultant to unlock fresh points of view.

5. Predictability

Action speaks louder than words. When I say I'm going to do something, I do it.

People's careers are in my hands when they commit to joining our team, and I give them my commitment to care for them and do the right thing in return.

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