2022 resolutions for dog guardians

2022 is here. It is time for some new resolutions. These resolutions will help make the life of your pup more happy, healthy and contended.

Happy new year

Wish you and your pup a very happy new year.

New year
New you
Time to take some new resolutions to make the life of your pup even better.


Here are 10 resolutions you can take to make the life of your dog much more interesting.

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1. Learn dog first aid

Their restlessness gets them in trouble.

Most of us are not lucky to the limit to have a veterinarian stay with us 24/7. Thus, it is of utmost importance that as dog guardians, we educate ourselves about dog first aid also have a first aid kit ready in case a sudden need arises.

2. Provide regular exercise

Exercise is crucial.

Take a resolution that your dog gets the adequate amount of exercise daily in the year 2022. Make sure your dog gets exercise even if stuck indoors.

3. New tricks and training

there is always something new to teach.

Training your dog not only makes your dog more obedient and instills a sense of discipline in them, it also increases the bond you have with your pup. Training has also been known to prevent dementia in senior dogs.

4. More playtime

Nothing beats playing with your pup.

With the removal of lockdown, a lot of dogs have since suffered from elevated separation anxiety due the sudden absence of their parents. Playtime is a great way to reduce your dog’s anxiety.

5. Update the ID

Keep the ID updated

Make sure that the ID tag of your dog is updated on a yearly basis.

6. Grooming time

You can do a little bit of your dog grooming right in the safety of your home.

Grooming not only removes the excessive fur from the coat’s, it also allows the oil produced by your dog's skin to get distributed from the fur to the coat. This allows the coat to be shiny and healthy.

7. Learn more dog psychology

Understand how your pup communicates

Learning the body language of your dog and how dogs communicate in general can help you understand your dog psychology better and strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

8. Capture the little moments

Take lots and lots of photos and videos

Every moment you spend with your dog is special, not only do you but for your dog as well. Make sure to capture all these beautiful moments.

9. Annual veterinary checkup

Fix up an annual appointment with your vet

This is non-negotiable. This will help your veterinarians detect any potentially life-threatening problems early.

10. Remove any harmful toys

Remove the toys which may pose a danger to your pup.

There may be old toys which may have become germ infected, are super dirty or just old and hanging by a thread. This is the time to clear others with toys and get some fresh new ones.

Hope you have a great year ahead.

Both you and your pup.

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