A 17-year-old who grew up in a $60 million castle

Now runs a TikTok account for it shares progress photos of how the house was built

The family moved into the house when she was 7 or 8 years old.

Mark said her father worked with architects to design the castle

and incorporated his own ideas into the final structure.

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Mark Castle.

The castle has nine bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and 12 fireplaces. The entire lot spans over 400 acres and includes a 30-acre pond, the listing shows.

My sister and I, when we were younger, we would dress up like princesses

and our father just wanted our dream to come true

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Mark Castle

Our ancestors have castles in Ireland, so we wanted to keep the idea going in our generation now too," she added.

Her father collected some of the castle's furniture from Europe

Other interior fittings were specially made for the castle, she said.

Photo: Courtesy of Compass

They were handcrafted in my dad's factory in Putnam. And that's where he made all of the parts for the castle, in his metal and wood shop

She and her sister served as models

for some of the sculptures around the house.

I actually didn't like the castle at first

because people judged me and just wanted to be my friend because of it. So I would keep it a secret.

Photo: Courtesy of Compass

But since my dad spent so much time building this for our family, I wanted to possibly make it a business in the future. So I wanted to help him out and that's why I took the year off to help him promote the castle, and get it some exposure

Mark now runs a TikTok account dedicated to giving an inside look at the castle's design and features. The account has 342,000 followers.

The castle has seven floors,

with a spiral staircase that goes up six stories

Photo: Courtesy of Compass

There's a bunch of features that I love, but probably the most shocking is the glass dome at the top

Because when you're up there, it's all glass and you can see three floors down because there's glass in the three floors below it, too," she added.

Her father wants to sell the castle now

because she and her sister are going to college.

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Mark Castle

It's because my sister is in college and I'll be going to college next year. We're moving out, and he doesn't want to just be there by himself if we're not using it

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