16 signs you are stuck in a toxic relationship part I

Relationships are important but toxic relationships are not worth your time and energy.

Relationships need nurturing

Your relationship can either build you up or tear you down.

If you are in a healthy relationship, you will feel motivated, more self-confident and happy. If you are in a toxic relationship, you will feel depressed, stressful, this heartened and insecure.


The most common cause is toxicity.

Toxic relationships do not occur only in families. These can also happen in your workplace as well. Toxic relationships start when people start to feel insecure. This in security forces them to bring others down. If that other person does not escape in time he or she gets caught in a web of toxicity.

Relationships evolve constantly

Relationships are like a tree. They grow and change.

Sometimes relationships also crash and burn. But if any of the people involved have become toxic and just want to bring the other partner down, the relationship is heading down a toxic road.

Signs of a toxic relationship

Here are 7 signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Check out the signs to understand if you are in a toxic relationship. If you are stuck in a toxic relationship, you must leave as soon as possible.

1. You feel bad, all the time

The most prevalent feeling

You go to sleep feeling bad and you wake up feeling bad. When you see others enjoying their life, you feel bad. You are in a relationship but you don’t feel fulfilled.

2. You feel trapped

Everything feels like a mental trap

Every question your partner asks and everything that your partner suggests starts to feel like a trap to you. Every answer that you give must be tailored to your partner's needs otherwise it will be taken in a negative manner.

3. You stop saying your piece

You only say what your partner wants to hear

By the time you reach this stage, you have lost your self-confidence. Your partner will make you feel useless and will show you how he or she is making your life better. You eventually only say what your partner wants to hear from you.

4. No effort from your partner

Your partner does not involve you in anything.

Your partner does not give you time, does not share important things or decisions of his or her life, prefers to be away from you, makes you feel worthless

5. Only you do the compromises and sacrifices

Relationships are a two-way street. When only one person is contributing, relationships do not survive

One person cannot fulfil all the aspects of a working relationship. If you are the only one putting in the sacrifices, the compromises and the appreciation, while your partner contributes little to nothing, this is a sign the relationship has become toxic.

6. You cannot say NO

You have to say yes because that’s what your partner wants to hear.

If you are stuck in a relationship where saying no is a crime, leave that relationship. If your partner only ridiculous you when you say no, the relationship is not worth it

7. Maintaining scores

To err is human. To forgive is being part of a relationship

As humans, we are liable to commit mistakes. If your partner humiliates you and maintains the scorecard of how many mistakes you have made, the relationship is heading down a toxic road and you need to leave as fast as you can.

More signs

Know the other signs that you are in a toxic relationship

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What to do?

What should you do if you are stuck in a toxic relationship?

If the relationship involves emotional abuse, talk to your partner and seek help. If there is physical abuse involved, leave your partner immediately. It's not worth it.

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