10 Successful Web Stories Examples

Find out what makes a Web Story great with 10 successful examples


Creator The Happy Puppers uses web stories giving professional advice to dog owners.

Every web story, at the last page, links to the The Happy Puppers blog to the long content article.

Several of "The Happy Puppers" web stories reached over 20K readers.


Brand Net à Porter uses web stories letting shoppers explore their latest collections.

Every item they show case, the shopper gets the product description and a direct link to buy the item using the Swipe Up feature

Auto + Moto

Auto Blog Hot Cars uses web stories to re-post their trending articles.

Every page adds text that creates curiosity for the reader and guide the reader to the long content, full article.

Travel & Tourism

The Hawaii Tourism Authority Go Hawaii uses web stories promoting their region.

This web story let the readers discover the beauty, culture and adventures waiting for you on the Hawaiian Islands.

Every page shows a inspiring video.

The "Swipe up" feature gives extra information on the Island and a link to the official web site page.


The wiki-style publication platform wiki How uses web stories creating interactive versions of heir How-To health article.

The web story is a step by step guide.


Lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan uses web stories show casing the latest beauty trends.

Every page lest the reader directly buy the proposed trends using affiliate links

Interior Design

Interior Design blogger The Spruce uses web stories to promote their DIY blog articles.

Every page show cases ideas, and the "Swipe Up" feature gives more information.


Newspaper The Guardian uses web stories to boost their photo articles.

This web story on Ronnie Spector shows images about the life as a timeline


Magazine TimeOut uses web stories to give extra visibility to their art-related articles.

This web story shows a list of restaurants with an epic art collection, linking every page to the website of the restaurant for bookings.


USA TODAY uses web stories to promote its articles.

This web story shows a list of Starbucks cup designs over the years with some insight details, which reads like a real story

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