10 signs you love a narcissist

Narcissism is a form of self-indulgence that causes a person to overlook other people's needs.

Signs you love a narcissist

They are not only captivating and charming, but they’re also very generous with their compliments.

By the time you actually realize that the person is a narcissist, you may have already been tricked into feeling that you love that person.

1. Extremely charming

Narcissists are extremely good at turning on their charm when they meet you.

Don’t get sucked into the accolades and the expensive dinners. All of this is just a sham. This is not going to last. Once the real personality comes out, all the fairytale castles will be broken.

2. Grand gestures

Grand gestures are a part of their charm.

Narcissists are specifically driven by the need to be remembered. They will outdo themselves at any opportunity to wow other people and to be deemed the best in the group.

3. Unable to accept mistakes

This is a common problem with both psychopathic mothers and narcissistic men.

If a narcissistic person does something, it is always the right way, and the way that you do the task is always the wrong way.

4. Envious of your other relationships.

Narcissists will start to criticize the people who are close to you.

The reason narcissist does this is to gain control over you. The narcissist is jealous of your relationship with others and wants you solely to himself.

5. Obsessed with likes

Narcissists love spotlights.

narcissists are particularly addicted to being praised and held in high regard. Therefore, those who update their profiles on social media in a clockwork manner are more likely to be headed towards the road of narcissism.

6. Self-motivated empathy

If they are expressing empathy, there is a deeper and hidden meaning to it.

The narcissistic person may seem to be utterly caring and empathetic to your needs when he wants something from you. Once they realize that they will not get what they want from you, they will turn off the empathy switch in a second.

7. One-sided conversations

You won’t be able to get one word into the conversation with a narcissist.

The signature quality of narcissists is that they tend to dominate the conversation even if the topic is not about them at all.

8. Your needs do not matter.

If you love a narcissist, you will soon realize that you have to let go of all your needs and requirements.

The narcissist always values himself over everyone else. Therefore, his needs come first. His needs will always take up the majority of the list.

9. Immediate gratification is required.

Your partner is extremely self-centered and self-absorbed.

Narcissists are constantly counting on you to meet their immediate requirements. If you do not return the calls or texts within a span of a minute or if you do not do things the way your partner wants you to, the reality turns ugly very quickly.

10. Untrustworthy

Most narcissistic people will not follow through with what they have told you.

hey will easily breach prior commitments, fail to reach on time, fail to show up on a date, and will not follow through any of the agreements that have been previously made if it does not benefit the narcissist.

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