10 Mistakes People Make When Visiting New York City

Things to NOT Do in New York

10. Underestimating the winter weather

Expect freezing temperatures and strong winds

9. Not tipping properly

Giving between 15 and 20% of the value of the bill will usually be met with a smile.

8. Expecting to buy Broadway tickets at the box office

Plan ahead to guarantee a seat at a good price

7. Forgetting the suburbs

The outer boroughs of New York each have their own unique character and attractions. Brooklyn, in particular, deserves special mention.

6. Booking a hotel near Times Square for your whole stay

You’ll find plenty of cheaper hotels in other areas of the city, as well as a greater choice of local shops and restaurants.

5. Stopping in the middle of a busy sidewalk

It’s why people think New Yorkers are rude!

4. Underestimating how much walking you’re going to do

Bring some comfortable shoes

3. Only eating at chain restaurants

Try some of the small local joints such as The Meatball Shop or Dos Toros, just to name a few, for a true taste of America.

2. Not using the hop-on hop-off bus

Convenient and informative

1. Not using the subway

And not learning how to in advance

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