10 Chinese Concept Cars That Could Change The Game

10. Qoros Milestone

Certainly one of the most unique-looking Chinese concepts of recent years

But, it's the technology contained within the car that might be the real game-changer.

The doors of the car can apparently be opened with hand gestures, and the lack of B-pillars is supposed to make getting in and out of the car easier than a conventionally-designed vehicle.

The windshield can also transform into a giant screen when the vehicle is in autonomous driving mode, turning the car into a kind of mobile movie theater.

9. Lynk + Co 03+ Cyan Concept

A sub-brand of Chinese conglomerate Geely, which also owns Lotus and Volvo among a number of other marques.

The 03+ Cyan is a performance concept that was debuted in 2019, with a 528 hp powertrain that was derived from the brand's World Touring Car Cup race car.

8. XPeng HT Aero Flying Car

Perhaps the most improbable of all the concepts on this list

The idea of a flying car has been touted many times, and no manufacturer has ever managed to actually make one, so it seems very unlikely that XPeng will be able to make it work.

The only glimmer of hope is that company does already have a functioning electric-powered flying vehicle, which has reportedly undergone test flights in China and Europe.

However, it's probably not wise to start saving for a flying car just yet, even if XPeng is confident that they'll have one ready in just a few years.

7. Saloon Mecha Dragon

It's supposedly a challenger to the wave of performance EVs that have debuted recently, matching their performance but undercutting their price.

Strangely enough, this Chinese sports sedan concept is named after a boss in the video game Mega Man 2,

6. Techrules Ren

So far, the car has only been shown off in concept form

The idea of a turbine-powered car isn't new, as British carmaker Rover was experimenting with the idea as far back as the 1940s. But, the system has never made its way into a production car, that is, until Chinese startup Techrules unveiled the Ren

5. Hongqi E-Jing GT

The concept claimed that the company would partner with tech giant Baidu to create a fully autonomous car based on the concept within the next few years.

Out of all the automakers making such bold claims, Hongqi is in a good position to back them up, as they already make over 300,000 cars per year and saw a 52% increase in sales between 2020 and 2021.

That puts them hot on the heels of Tesla, and in a good position to challenge for the lead in the race to autonomy.

4. NIO ET7

A car with a claimed 1000km (621 miles) of range

NIO already has a strong market share in China and the ET7 is claimed to be near production-ready, so it should make its domestic debut soon.

3. Farnova Othello

It will allegedly make 1,810 hp and come with a battery array sourced from Swedish manufacturer Northvolt.

A brand-new startup with a brand-new hypercar, the Farnova Othello debuted in 2021 with a typically bold set of claims about its performance.

2. ORA Cat GT

A small, sporty hatchback that's set to enter select foreign markets later in 2022.

The ORA brand is a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors, a Chinese conglomerate that already has a limited presence in markets like the UK and Europe.

But, with its quirky looks and range of up to 260 miles, the Cat might bring the company from being a niche brand to a major player in the European market if it's as successful as ORA is hoping.

1. MG E-Motion

The E-Motion is reportedly a preview of an upcoming performance car that MG is set to debut in the next few years.

MG might once have epitomized the essence of the British performance car, but since Rover Group's bankruptcy in the early Noughties the brand has been the property of Chinese automaker SAIC.

MG currently sells a range of affordable EVs and combustion-engine passenger cars in the UK and China, but the E-Motion signals the return of the brand's performance roots.

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