10 basic commands to teach your pup

New puppy, no matter how young needs to be trained as soon as possible. Here are 10 commands you must teach your pup as soon as possible

Commands are important

A command can be the difference between a life and death situation

You don't have to put your dog through a thorough training prodcedure. But these 10 commands are a must for any and all dogs

10 commands

Here are the 10 commands you must teach your dog

Keep swiping to know the ten commands your pup must know. If your dog is not well versed in any of the following commands, you must practice till your pup starts to respond instantly on hearing the command.

1. Recognizing name

Your dog learns his/her name

If your dog looks at you or comes to you when called, you dog knows his/her name

2. Leave it

Can save your pup in dangerous situation

LEAVE IT command can protect your pup, especially if he/she has something in the mouth that is not safe for dog consumption.

3. Come

Keep your dog away from trouble by calling him/her back

Your dog should come to you when you call him/her.

4. Look at me

Helps prevent distraction when training other commands

LOOK AT ME helps keep your dog from getting distracted and focus his/her entire attention on you.

5. Lie down

Helps reduce the excitement levels

Your dog should know to lie down on command. Lying down reduces excitement in dogs and helps make them calm.

6. Sit

Helps train your pup in other commands and reduces excitement

Helps train your dog how to greet guests, not jump and aids in other behavioral correction processes.

7. Stay

Increases self-control in your dog

Helps when you take your pup on travel and other adventures.

8. Stand

Helps when you have to groom your pet

Helps to brush the fur, put on clothes, put on the harness etc.

9. Heel

Helps your dog walk properly on the leash

Your dog learns when to stop and when to walk when on the leash. Especially helpful if you have a dog belonging to a large breed.

10. Wait

Trains your dog to not wander off

WAIT can be very helpful when you go to the supermarket with your pup or have to wait in line somewhere.

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