How to let go of resentment in five steps?

It is time to leave the past and move into the future.

Are you holding on to resentment?

Sit somewhere, close your eyes and ask yourself, when was the last time you felt happy?

If you do not have an answer to this, it is a sign that you are still holding onto past resentments. Resentment can eat you up from inside and prevent you from reaching out to a happier future.

What is resentment?

Negative emotions and feelings of the past that have made a home in your mind

Resentment may seem like an over-dramatic thing. However, it really is a deep-seated issue which if not addressed at the right time can lead to severe problems in your future. It is time that you start to take care of yourself and get rid of resentment so that you open yourself up to a brighter future.

Let go of resentments in 5 simple steps

Trust me, this works.

There are simple steps to help you reduce your anger and start feeling more positive and more in control of your emotions. Read on all the way to the end to understand how you can get rid of resentment. You can also click on the above link and check out the blog post.

1. Acknowledge that there is a problem

You need to realize the problem to be able to deal with it

You wouldn’t be feeling low if there was no problem. The first step in healing yourself is understanding that there is a problem. Accepting that there is a problem is the first step towards better mental health.

2. Take action

If it is possible to get closure, get it.

It is not always easy to get the courage to point out the mistakes. However, if the past is long gone and you are still holding onto the fragments, it is time you start to let go. If you can, ask for closure.

3. Let go

Understand that you do not have power over everything

Many times, people do hurtful things intentionally. Sometimes it is easy to confront, sometimes it is not. If it is not possible to confront the person and get an answer, just let it go because it was in the past and it will not affect your future.

4. Work on Gratitude

Gratitude is very powerful, experience it

Make a gratitude journal or have a section in your journal which is dedicated to gratitude. Write down every day what you are thankful for. Do this for at least five weeks. You cannot feel resentment and Dude together.

5. Focus on yourself

The past is not worth holding on to

The past is in the past. The future lies ahead of you. It is only the present that you can change. Therefore, focus on yourself, indulge in hobbies, do things that make you feel good.

Get help

Sometimes things are out of your control

You gave it your best shot. You tried all the aforementioned steps. But you are still holding on to resentment. It is time that you consult a psychologist. A psychologist will be able to guide you slowly and gradually out of your resentment and lead you towards a better and more healthier future.

You deserve it

You deserve a happy life

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