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Do you have social anxiety?

In the United States alone, social anxiety disorder affects around 5.3 million people. Social anxiety is an extremely debilitating condition. It can limit your engagement in all aspects of your life. People suffering from severe social anxiety disorder stop stepping out.

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Latest Videos on Health

Take a closer look at the medical news and discoveries impacting our health and wellbeing.

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Histrionic personality disorder

Do you want to know all the details about histrionic personality disorder? Then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to the end to know each aspect of this personality disorder.

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Are you suffering from PTSD?

PTSD causes long term emotional trauma. If not done on time, PTSD can even be life-threatening.


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EMDR therapy for trauma

EMDR therapy has shown success in many cases where patients were troubled by their past traumas.

199 Views ● 3 months ago


Your favorite canine just might be the key to keeping you fit.

520 Views ● 3 months ago

How to Feel Great in the Morning - Method 1

Co-authored by Alex Dimitriu, MD

211 Views ● 3 months ago

Good nutrition is great self-care

320 Views ● 3 months ago

10 signs you love a narcissist

Falling in love with a narcissist can turn your relationship toxic.

20,700 Views ● 3 months ago

12 Definite Signs You're in an Exclusive Relationship

Check out the full list of exclusive dating signs we’ve compiled below—along with some advice on having “the talk” when you’re ready!

2,393 Views ● 4 months ago

Gaslighting in relationships: 10 signs

Gaslighting is a very common method of manipulation that is a part of abusive and toxic relationships.

136 Views ● 4 months ago

Eat yourself beautiful

How to eat yourself beautiful. Top Ten favourite whole foods for you to eat for in plump, smooth and radiant skin.

125 Views ● 4 months ago


Journaling regularly is an excellent approach to boost your self-confidence, mental health, and emotional wellness.

196 Views ● 4 months ago

10 ways journaling can boost self-confidence

Your journal can act as your therapist and help you gain back your emotional control, improve your mental health, and boost self-confidence.

213 Views ● 4 months ago

Are you a victim of emotional abuse?

Signs of emotional abuse are something everyone needs to be aware of. Knowing the signs can help you identify a toxic relationship and get out quickly.

225 Views ● 6 months ago

13 signs you are a victim of EMOTIONAL ABUSE

Signs you might be suffering from emotional abuse.

2,220 Views ● 6 months ago

10 tips to avoid work from home burnout

Tips to help you relax, de-stress and be more productive when working from home.

268 Views ● 6 months ago

Make Your Mornings More Productive

If You've Ever Wanted To Make Your Mornings More Productive, These 32 Products Will Help

259 Views ● 7 months ago


The psychological effects of working from home is profound. However, the first step to combating these effects is understanding them in the first place

304 Views ● 7 months ago

Simple tips for managing stress in daily life

We face daily challenges in fulfilling our responsibilities at home and work. Sometimes it leads to stress and health issues. Know few simple tips to manage stress.

233 Views ● 7 months ago

16 tips to improve sleep quality and fight stress

A good sleep quality can help battle depression and stress.

207 Views ● 7 months ago

Busting the myths regarding art therapy

Art therapy is full of myths. Read on to see the myths of art therapy busted in the following slides.

264 Views ● 8 months ago

Top gifts for relaxation and stress relief

Allow your loved ones to relax and let go of stress with these amazing gifts.

245 Views ● 8 months ago

Tips to calm yourself down

Stress and worry are part of our lives but they should not take over our lives.

284 Views ● 8 months ago

10 tips to help you live in the moment.

Life is in the moment, not in the past, not in the future.