Lady Gaga's Most Bizarre Airport Outfits

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Lady Gaga, 2015

Didn't even make it to curbside check in before tripping in these shoes.

Lady Gaga, 2011, Tokyo

At Tokyo's Narita airport in a monochrome look with maniacally high stilettos.

Photo: Getty.

Lady Gaga, 2012, Tokyo

At Tokyo's Narita airport in 2012. Never not wearing ridiculous airport shoes.

Photo: Getty.

Lady Gaga 2014: Again Tokyo

Two years later and again at Tokyo's Narita airport, still wearing ankle-breaking airport shoes.

Lady Gaga, 2014, South Korea

At South Korea's Gimpo Airport, this time, wearing cheeks appliques that makes her look like a Pokémon character.

Photo: Han Myung-Gu - Getty Images.

2014, The Nearly Naked Look

Photo: Getty.

2011, The Too-Long Hem

She really is a master at somehow overcomplicating the airport outfit, even when she's wearing something "normal" for her.

Photo: Splash.

2014, Istanbul

Arriving in Istanbul 2014. She's in a league all her own.

Photo: Getty.

2015, The Overdressed Fail

Impractical train + crotch-baring slit. Double whammy.

Photo: Getty.

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