Choose the best dog daycare in 8 steps

Daycare is a very important part of your dog's life. Choose the best daycare based on the following tips

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Dog daycare

Daycare is an important part of your dog's life

Choosing the right daycare is very important. That is the place where your dog will spend most of his/her time when you are busy running errands or working.

Choosing the right one

Use these 8 tips to find the right daycare

Check out the following tips to find the best daycare for your dog where your dog will be happy and safe

1. Check the facilities

Check the facilities on your own

You can email them and ask about visiting the daycare.

When you're there, check out the following:

-Good ventilation
-Proper gating
-Solid fencing
-Safe floors

2. Inquire about grouping

This is very essential, especially if you have a small dog

Dogs should be grouped in the dog daycare as per their size, play manner and temperament.

If you notice that all the dogs are grouped together, this is probably not the right daycare for your pup.

3. Enquire about the staff:dog ratio

A must check for a responsible dog guardian

According to most certified pet care associations, the ratio of staff:dog should be 15:1.

If the daycare has more active dogs, they should increase the number of staff

4. Check their toy policy

How they handle toy guarding behavior

Even the goodest of dogs can display resource guarding behavior. If your has such tendencies, you should inform the staff so they can stay alert and be ready to handle the situation in a safe manner.

5. Have a trial run

Trial runs are very important so you know you have chosen the right daycare

Before you put down your deposit, make sure you have a trial run beforehand. This way you will know how well your dog is adjusting and whether your pup is okay with being around the other dogs

6. Check out the staff's training

The staff must be equipped to handle all kinds of dogs

The staff of the dog daycare must be trained to handle all types of dogs safely, especially when they are in groups. Most dog daycare centers ensure that they provide a safe environment to the pups and are ready to handle fights if they start

7. Have a plan for emergency

Having an emergency plan is very important for dog daycare

The doggy daycare must have an emergency plan in place, in case an injury occurs. They should also have a vet contact at hand.

This does not mean that the daycare expects dogs to get injured all the time, but having the right preparation in place can be life saving in case of emergencies

8. Check if they have a schedule?

How will your pup adjust?

When your dog joins the daycare, the staff should follow a set schedule on the initial days to help your dog to adjust to the new surroundings.

Most daycare centers have periods of supervised rest in between playtimes so that the dog is well-rested and does not get dehydrated

Make a selection

It's time you choose the daycare you want to send your dog to

Now, that you have all information at hand, it is time you make a decision about which daycare you want to send your dog to.

It is preferable to opt for daycare which is close to your home, but the daycare should adhere to all rules and have safety measures in place for your pup

Hope your dog has a great time in the daycare

Wishing you all the luck in finding the best daycare.

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