5 Trending Hair Colors To Inspire Your Winter Vibe

by Megan Decker

1/7 ● Refinery29
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a brunette-blonde blend

Photo: lilyaldridge.

Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham recommends an ombré bronde (a brunette-blonde blend), as seen on model Lily Aldridge and Jennifer Lopez.

"Hair is almost always darker at the roots and lighter at the ends, so this trend is the perfect choice for many clients who are looking for low maintenance color," Cunningham explains.

"Lowlights and multi-dimensional colors tend to stand out best when hair is styled sleek and straight, but look good wavy and curly, too."

"Expensive" Brunette

Shiny and glossy as seen on Janet Mock styled by Chuck Amos.

Photo: chuckielovehair.

The "expensive" in the trending "expensive brunette" is less a take on the tone of brown and more a read on the finish: shiny and glossy as seen on Janet Mock styled by Chuck Amos.

If your hair is already dark, great, a clear or tinted gloss can help up the shine factor.

If you're currently a processed blonde, ask for lowlights or a color correction to help revert back to your brunette roots.

Pumpkin Spice

Somewhere between copper and strawberry


Somewhere between copper and strawberry lives this definitely un-cheugy warm and soft tone that singer/songwriter Sevda Alizadeh calls "Pumpkin Spice Latte."

It's just one example of what hairstylist Clayton Hawkins calls "orange and red vibes," which he predicts will be all the rage come 2022.

Warm Honeycomb

Leaning toward golden or wheat.

Photo: Bianca Hillier.

When it comes to blonde-like tones, most colorists are endorsing warm variations, as opposed to anything platinum.

Colorist Sienree Du points to "warm and rich" blondes, something with leaning toward golden or wheat.

Here, colorist Bianca Hillier shows how to make a variation of blonde read as sun-kissed with a warm undertone and a balayage application.

"Effortless" Highlight

this tone is a soft blonde — directed only to the face frame and ends of the hair

NYC-based colorist Chezney Schulz directs us to what she calls the "effortless" highlight: Essentially, a once-a-year lift — this tone is a soft blonde — directed only to the face frame and ends of the hair, which allows for a long grow out and brightness only where its most noticeable, like the curtain bangs.

Megan Decker

Beauty Editor at Refinery29

You don't have to ghost your colorist this winter, or call blonde "uncool." Instead, consider subtly enhancing your natural color with your chosen form of balayage or an off-the-root highlight. To find your own inspiration, scroll ahead.

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