10 breeds of adorable dogs great for the elderly

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1. Poodle

They are hugely intelligent and loving, easy to train, only need walked once a day, and only need groomed once a month.

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2. Maltese

They need very little outdoor exercise and even giving them their daily brush can be fairly therapeutic and relaxing.

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3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They are quiet, intelligent, easy to train, and never happier than when they are snuggled up in your lap.

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4. Pembroke Welsh Corgis

The Queen's favouriter dog. They are simple to groom, are desperate to please and are very protective of their owners.

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5. Greyhound

They are gentle and affectionate dogs that make a great companion for people later in life.

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6. Pug

These little character would rather nap on the couch that go for a run and spend most of their time indoors. They tend to be quite quiet and require very little grooming.

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7. Pekingese

They could be considered the ultimate lap dog. This breed likes peace and calm

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8. Boston Terrier

They tend to be completely devoted to their owners, who they enjoy sitting quietly beside for long periods.

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9. French Bulldog

breed that needs little in the way of outdoor time, they are easy to groom, dedicated to their owners, and make wonderful companions.

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10. West Highland Terrier

A couple of 15 minute walks each day will give them all the excercise they need and they are very easy to train.

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