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Why should you use Web Stories in your marketing plan?

Marketing is all about connecting with future consumers, and web stories are a way to offer a better user experience and conversion rate
Author: Frederik Van Lierde ● Oct 22, 2022 ● 1 minute read
How to add your web stories carousel to your Worpress website?

The best Marketing plan is all about connecting with future consumers, and web stories are a way to interact with consumers' senses. This direct link between the use of web stories and how the consumer receives the information content leads to a better user experience and conversion rate

Some Google Search Statistics

With the rise of the Stories format on Instagram and TikTok, Visual Web Stories are Google answer to it. This mobile-first format offers new and simple features for growing your audience.

The main difference between Google Search and Google Discover is that Google Search is based on the search term entered by the user; and Google discover uses the user Web & App Activity, Location History & Settings and more to
When adding web stories to your SEO mix, optimizing them to the user's interests, you create an opportunity to gain a foothold on a new traffic source that quite likely competitors may not be aware of.

An original communication

Your prospects will be impressed and love this new interactive communication format! Web Stories can be shared on your Social Meda Accounts, your website/blog and even inside your newsletters.

Differentiate your brand

As a brand, to have success, you need to stand out! Why? Simply because we have many competitors online. To give you an idea about the competition.
Sharing information in a web story format will make you create that “wow” effect.

An engaging experience

Surprise your target with an unique, interactive user experience. Web Stores are a visually rich format allowing your readers to tap or swipe through it at their own pace. T

High conversion rate

Web Stories are made to maximize visitor engagement and therefore conversion rates.

Advantages Of Web Stories Today For SEO?

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