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Web Stories Today Launches A YouTube For Web Stories.

After intensive testing and with over 3 million stories read, Web Stories Today launched a YouTube for web stories and pushes Google's Web Story format to new heights by offering tools and making the life of content creators easier.
Author: Frederik Van Lierde ● Aug 20, 2022 ● 1 minute read
How to add your web stories carousel to your Worpress website?

Table of Content

  1. Intro
  2. Why YouTube is a Success?
  3. Main Challenges of Creators
    1. Engagement
    2. Reduce Costs
  4. How Can Creators & Brands Stand Out?
  5. Web Story Builder
  6. Monetizing
  7. User Generated Content
  8. Are Web Stories Worth It?
First introduced to Google Discover in October 2020, Web Stories are a way for web creators to craft short form, visual-heavy narratives in a format akin to Stories on Snapchat and Instagram.

After intensive testing and with over 3 million stories read, Web Stories Today launched a YouTube for web stories and pushes Google's Web Story format to new heights by offering tools and making the life of content creators easier.

Why YouTube is a Success?

YouTube moved from a video-sharing site into opportunities for content creators to generate revenue and create a community, for businesses and media outlets to streighten their branding and for viewers to relate to the authenticity of user-generated content.

But video creating is time and money consuming and is not for everyone.

The Main Challenges Creators Faces?

Two of the main challenges creators faces is to reduce costs and engagement. They have many platforms to serve, and they need to see tangible engagement results.

Blogs are not dead! They're just so many of them; As of 2021, there are 570+ million blogs on the internet.

Video is a must-have, there are just so many of them, in 2021, YouTube alone counts 37+ million channels.

Social Media, even it is low-cost, has a big audience & fast, it also takes a long time before showing a return on investment.

How Can Creators & Brands Stand Out?

Answer: By using a web-based version of the popular "Stories" format creating a dynamic consumption experience.

Whether your site is a blog on pets, about personal injury, web design tips or hardware products, a top 10 list,... there are opportunities for building awareness and promoting your site with this new format called Web Stories.


By adding fun + an immersive experience while your readers discover your content wherever they are on the internet, creators & brands can build up a long lasting relationship with their audience.

Web Stories Today is the one stop platform, distributing the content not only via Google Discover, but also inside Messenger Apps like FB Messenger, LINE Messenger, Telegram, commuication platforms like Slack, content platforms like Twitter, Flipboard, Pinterest and more.

Unlike some other content such as IG Stories, Web Stories has no expiration date. The stories will not be deleted automatically after 24h days and won't get lost in a timeline like on social media accounts.


Reduce Costs

Web Stories Today offers creators tools to reduce the cost of creating content for different platforms, all based on their web stories.

Creators can easily embed a Story Carousel onto their website/blog.
As YouTube shows shorts into their main feed, Instagram is showing Reels in their main feed; creators should show their short immersive content on their main page as well.

Creators can easily create a short video based on their web story, using it as YouTube Short, IG Reels, on TikTok or Snapchat and more. All with one click.

When creators want to create a long-form blog post on the subject, they can download the transcripts in html and text format and use it as a base.

Web Story Builder

Web Stories Today offers it's own web story builder, optimized for speed and SEO, but welcomes creators using any other editor with an easy-to-use upload function.

Creators can even automate the upload process by adding a web story sitemap file to their profile.

More information


At Web Stories Today, we believe that every creators should get paid for the content they create. Therefore, 100% of ad revenue flows directly to the creators.

User Generated Content

Users can discover and watch web stories, as well as follow their favourite creators, create playlists to organize stories together around a subject and share the list with their community

Are Web Stories Worth It?

The attention span of internet users is getting smaller and smaller.

Adding web stories to your content marketing mix, optimizing them to the user's interests, creators and brands obtain an opportunity to gain a foothold on a new traffic source that quite likely competitors may not be aware of.
Short form immersive content is the future.
Amplify Your Content Strategy with WebStories.Today


Do you have more questions, do you want to see more details? Don't hesitate to contact us.


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