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How to link web stories into Revue, the newsletter from Twitter?

Pull in your web stories and add them to your newsletter issues. Add web stories to your newsletter

Revue is Twitter's editorial newsletter subscription service. People who choose to subscribe to a Revue newsletter from a Twitter profile will enter into a free subscription for that newsletter.

1. Go to Revue Integrations:

You can find the Integration page under Account Settings or click the following link: https://www.getrevue.co/app/integrations

Scroll until you see and click RSS Feeds Revue Integrations with RSS Feeds

2. Enter Your Creator RSS Feed Url:

You can find your creator RSS Feed Url under Settings inside your Dashboard Link Web Story Rss to Revue

3. Add Web Stories to Your Newsletter

Click Create and Click the RSS icon (right menu bar) and drag a Web Story onto your newsletter issue.

Click the Refresh icon to update your RSS feed, in case you are missing web stories in the list. Add Web Story to your newsletter - Revue