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How To Convert a Web Story to Video?

Follow the steps to convert your web story into a video, and the video upload to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, ...

1. Sign in into your Dashboard

Use your credentials or use Google Login button SignIn Web Stories Today

2. Go to Web Stories Overview

Click on the Web Stories link to get your web stories overviews. Dashboard Web Stories Today

3. Select a Web Story

Find the web story you like to create a video of and click the Edit link. Overview of Web Stories - Creators Dashboard

4. Go to Tools

Inside the web story editor, click the Tools link in the left-side menu Web Stories Editor - Creators Dashboard

5. Go to Create Video

After clicking the Tools link, click on the Create Video button in the tools list. Tools Menu - Web Stories Editor

6. Change the Video Settings + Click the Create Video

Select a free music tune, and other settings
To easily download click the download buttons on the top right menu. Web Story to Video - Web Stories Editor

7. Your Video Will Be Created (a few minutes)

Your story is added to the cue.
This process can take up to 10 minutes.

You will get notified when the video is ready, and the video stays available for 48h to download. Creating Web Story Video - Web Stories Editor

8. Download the Video

Your video is ready.
The video stays available for 48h to download. Web Story to Video, Ready to Download - Web Stories Editor