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Web Story Editor & Builder

Add Easy pages, images, videos, text and links to create professional Google Web Stories that tell Your story.

No technical skills are required, and we make sure your stories are the fastest and comply with Google Discover policies and guidelines automatically.

You keep 100% control over your branding, ad revenue and analytics.

Stand Out & Reach your Audience

By using a web-based version of the popular "Stories" format, creating a dynamic experience,you get an opportunity to gain a foothold on a new traffic source that quite likely competitors may not be aware of.
All Plans ● Unlimited


A story is only successful when it is enjoyed by users.
When signing up as Creator, WebStories.Today make sure your Stories are in front of your readers.

Where will my stories be available?
  • 🟢 Google Discover
  • 🟢 Google Search
  • 🟢 WebStories.Today
  • 🟢 FB Messenger
  • 🟢 Telegram
  • 🟢 LINE Messenger
  • 🟢 SLACK
  • 🟢 Android
  • 🟢 Pinterest
  • 🟢 Flipboard
  • 🟢 ...

Other Features

  • Web Stories To Video: Create a video, based on your story, in 1 click. More Info
  • Newsletter: Add a link to let readers subscribe to your newsletter on your Creator page (or add to your visual stories).
  • Creators Page: You get automatically a creators page, like your YouTube Channel, with links to your website, Twitter and even let people donate to you.
  • Ad Revenue: Add your Google Adsense to your stories and generate revenue with your stories. You receive 100% of the revenue.
  • Transcript: After creating your Visual Story, you can download a transcript, which can be used as a base for your blog post.
  • Download: Download your Story as a standalone html file, and publish it to your own website.

Sign up for free and enjoy testing our Story Builder.

Why Creators and Marketers Should Add Web Stories To Their Content Strategy?

  • 💡 Most people don’t have time to read an entire article or watch all of a video, Web Stories are perfect for grabbing people’s attention and getting them to take action.

  • 💡 As people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter… Web Stories are ultra-engaging.

  • 💡 Creating a video or writing an entire article is time-consuming and expensive. Web Stories much more effective, easier and faster.

  • 💡 Web Stories can go viral more easily than videos or articles, giving you tons of FREE traffic & visibility.

  • 💡 Hard-hitting content can be softened with Web Stories in a way people want to see/read.