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Let's go off the map in the startup & business world, with business tips, growth tricks, and myths debunked. Most of the articles are available as podcasts, Articles and Videos.

1,546 Views ● 11 months ago

The importance of Storytelling in Sales + Solution

Some people are convinced they can't sell a new product. Then, the next day, another person does just that.

10,512 Views ● 1 month ago

Scientists in Antarctica

Why, How and What Questions answered.

1,336 Views ● 3 months ago

10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs ●● Part 1

These self-made women have been paving the path for entrepreneurs in every industry for many decades.

223 Views ● 4 months ago

The Most Expensive Cities In The World 2021/2022

298 Views ● 7 months ago

Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

1,039 Views ● 8 months ago

Frederik Today Podcast

Going off-map in the start & business world - Podcast, Vlog, Blog

759 Views ● 8 months ago

Amazon seller acquisition companies in Europe

Acquiring successful Amazon sellers and then scaling them up. In Europe.

1,326 Views ● 8 months ago

Top eCommerce Stories

Bookmark this web story, as we will add regular new eCommerce stories!

495 Views ● 8 months ago

Startup Team Statistics

In the startup world, there is no such thing as a solo entrepreneur or one-man-show.

1,281 Views ● 9 months ago

The Trillion Dollar Club of Companies

Which companies reached the $1 trillion market capitalization?

549 Views ● 9 months ago

Why Startups Fail!

90% of startups fail. What are the causes?

1,008 Views ● 10 months ago

The Beginnings of Elon Musk

How did entrepreneur Elon Musk started his success?

625 Views ● 10 months ago

Should Businesses Accept Bitcoin? 6 Myths Debunked

The hype around Crypto is not slowing down. What are the claims to accept Bitcoin as a business?

1,105 Views ● 11 months ago

6 Types of Ecommerce Fraud & How to Fight Them

Ecommerce fraud takes many forms, every eCommerce business should protect themselves & their customers

488 Views ● 11 months ago

How to Get An Amazon Badge On Your Product Listing

A badge tells Amazon customers something interesting about you and lets you stand out.

1,288 Views ● 11 months ago

Top 10 Richest People in Europe 2021

Europe’s billionaires have thrived during the pandemic year.

610 Views ● 223 years ago

5 Books To Read This Summer By Bill Gates

What books does Bill Gates recommend for his summer?